Ok so, who are we?

Vero is the founder of Bouquet. It all started as a workshop/storefront combo in the Mile End, Montreal. Molly is the founder of The Stowe leather goods (2012-2019) and self taught leather worker who has since closed her business and launched a line of size and shape inclusive denim, Decade Studio. Vero was Molly's first intern for The Stowe (cute!) and fell in love with leather work as a result. And thats where Bouquet was born! Vero and Molly partnered in early 2021 to form a beautiful working partnership to provide you with the most elevated brand experience possible.


Unlike Molly, Vero is traditionally trained in leather work, and her design, colour theory and attention to detail is impeccable. Our bags are produced in limited quantities. All pieces are created and produced in Montreal by Vero's own two hands. Like a flower bouquet, the bouquet bag gradually takes shape. It can be simple or complex, somber or colourful, but it must be in the image of its owner, and a beautiful reflection of your daily routine.

Finally, the bouquet bag has the advantage of being beautiful, unique, and pleasing. This is its reason for being.