I founded bouquet with my friend Laurence in 2017 during my last year of studies. I first started out in Montreal with a little street level atelier which had a small boutique in front to sell my creations and host pop ups with other local designer friends like Heirloom Hats, Alexandre Bergeron, ORA-C and L.L.Y. Atelier. This commercial space was below my apartment and to lease it was the most spontaneous decision ever. Not much thought went into it, but it felt right. A bit freaked out at the idea of doing this alone, I partnered up with my talented fellow artisan friend Lolo, but she moved on soon after we launched.
One year later I moved the shop into a new location and opened a café/wine bar called Pastel Rita with my husband, all under the same roof. One baby, a pandemic, a couple studio moves and 3 years later, our headquarters are now back in the Mile End where it all started and our offering has changed.
We offer two distinct collections - Our "Classics" which are always available, and our "Capsules" which are very limited in quantity, and very special. We will drop new Capsules whenever we're inspired by the dead stock materials we use. 
Our classics are simple, elegant and always available. They are the best version of the thing you can't live without, and totally handmade by Vero in our atelier in Montreal. We don't apply any fashion finishes because these bags will have a place on your shoulder well beyond trends. We have studied the balance and found the perfect materials to create a lifelong friend for you that you will reach for for years to come.
Our capsules are fun, different, original and available in limited quantities. They are the wild child, the emotionally unstable friend, the eccentric auntie. They are made of whatever has inspired me lately and come to life fast, and randomly, sporadically.
One thing all of our creations have in common is that they're made by hand, slowly and with care, in our Montreal atelier for the most part. Small productions and superior quality are what makes us sustainable. Fashion has a bad rap and we thrive to do things better and with more intention. As we grow, we hope we can make a real impact on the world around us and prove that fashion can be used for doing good.